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About PICA
  The Police Insignia Collectors Association of Great Britain was founded in 1974 and the original idea was to try to gather all genuine collectors of police insignia and to create a central register in order to contact one another for trading etc, and to encourage the preservation of the history of the police service through out the world.

Since that time, we have grown from that original idea into an organised association whose members are interested, not only in badges, but also in the history of the police forces from whence they came. All officers and committee members are unpaid and devote much of their free time for the benefit of the Association. In order to minimise costs an SAE is appreciated when writing to committee members about PICA matters.

Click here to download an application form for membership.

Chairman: Keith Jackson
Vice Chairman: Nigel Eagling
Treasurer: Steve Marriott
Secretary: Christian Duckett
Magazine Editor: Steve Marriott
Supplies Officer: Rod Brewster
Membership Secretary: Tony Collman

1. To observe the highest code of conduct.
2. To care for the individual in his or her hobby and interests.
3. To put principle first and ensure that our word is our bond.
4. To foster comradeship through mutual interest in police insignia.
5. To instruct, inform and interest, not only the advanced collector, but also those starting to collect police insignia.
6. To devote ourselves, individually and collectively, to uphold the best traditions of the Police Service.
7. To keep alive the history of the Police Service through the insignia, photographs and other recorded information.

In January 1975 a two page ‘news sheet’ was published and this has grown into a fully illustrated colour magazine, published three times a year. A full list of members and their collecting interests is also published annually and distributed free to members.

The Association also has a stock of badges and other items, which are available for sale to members according to a set procedure.

The Association has its own tie-tac etc, and other distinctive items.

The Association sponsors Police Insignia Swaps Meetings, held by members throughout the UK.

So if you are a collector of police items worldwide, why not become a member and have the support of hundreds of other collectors like you.....Worldwide.

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